Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Manufacturing Reality - Awakening the Law of Attraction For Beginners

The Law of Attraction is commonly associated with properties of Quantum Physics. Inevitably, when you talk to a LOA fan the topic will turn to energy - specifically, the energy produced within our two ears in the synapses of the human brain. I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, let that statement be known to my readers. However, I am also a fan of the wonders of science - particuluarly of quantum physics - and to me it is vital that we separate what we do know from the vast ocean of what we don't know. As I go through life, I am constantly amazed at this phenomenon: The more I think I know, the greater the possibility exists that I will sense how much I don't know.

Quantum physicists discovered that the atom was not made up of particles. Electrons, neutrons, and protons are not the smallest units of matter, but in fact these break down in to even smaller units called crazy things like 'quarks'. And what are these tiniest of things made of? From my understanding, they are made of "potentialities", or energy that has yet to be observed. And when it observed, then it creates an outcome - which is merely one outcome out of an infinite potential outcomes. I know that sounds a bit ragged, but I'm just a fan of quantum physics - not a member of the scientific community.

Thanks to the theory provided to us by Mr. Einstein, we now have a very solid theory that tells us about the essence of matter. We know that all matter is energy, and that it can't be created or destroyed. The best you can do with energy is make it change its form into some other form. You can't create it, you can't destroy it, and you most certainly can not change its path when it is attracted to another harmonious source of energy. Like attracts like. It is a physical law, sure as any chemical reaction.

There is energy everywhere. You can't go to a spot anywhere in the universe where you won't interact with some form of energy. Even when I'm lying on the bed taking a nap, there are waves of energy all around. True, it doesn't look very energetic on the surface. It looks rather dead. But there is energy there. It emanates from my body, from the mattress, from the air I'm breathing, in the audio vibrations of my snoring, and on and on. All of these forms of energy are constantly vibrating, and they all vibrate at different frequencies. This is how we are able to tell a banana from a Buick. They contain atoms, and within these atoms are smaller things like protons, neutrons and electrons. Go deeper and you will find something called quarks. However, I won't go deeper than that because I'm just a positive thinker, not a scientist.

The real connection between the Law of Attraction and all this science lies in a very basic property of energy. And that is the fact that it seeks out other sub-atomic units which are vibrating at the same frequency. This is the reason the wood in your desk doesn't dismantle itself on an atomic level in some sort of nuclear meltdown. The vibrational "frequencies" that draw atoms together is the glue of the universe. A terrible analogy, for sure, but I'm just writing a few thoughts down. No major harm done, hopefully.

But what does a vibrating atom have to do with the fact that your life is a mess? Well, everything. Whatever we experience is a matching vibration that has attracted to the energy we put forth through our thoughts and actions. Energy seeks a matching source of energy, every time. The stronger the energy we put forth with our thoughts, the quicker the universe responds to it. You get what you focus your attention on. If you focus on undesirable things, then the results brought into your reality will match the negative energy you put forth. It sounds speculative, but it works without fail. The result is as sure as dropping a stone.

If you want to experience something different in your life, whether it is more money, more love, more freedom, more security, more fun, more adventure - then you need to master your vibrational frequencies. When we conentrate on feeling good, we attract more of the things that make us feel contented. Feel bad and think negative thoughts then you will attract more things and experiences of similar vibration. By making a conscious effort to choose to feel happiness, we draw energy into our reality that matches the frequency. By focusing on lack, poverty, loneliness, and physical shortcomings, the universe responds with a matching wave of energy: We create a reality that stinks.

We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with energy that is in conflict, not matching what we desire in our lives. We focus on our lack of money, our lack of success in life, and we are given what we focus on. There is a limitless supply of energy, and the Law of Attraction teaches that it is up to us to direct that energy towards our desires. It takes practice to calm down our thoughts and redirect them to focus on what we want. Most of the time we are not sure of what we desire, and we have to examine our inner motivations to rediscover what we seek from life. It is so elementary, but our environment drowns out our deepest desires. From childhood forward we focus on other things because of social influences, our personal relationships, and our physical bodies which are never perfect.

I'm of the opinion that a person needs to quiet their mind before they attempt to improve their life. When we learn to still the thoughts that draw unwanted energy into our experience, we are halfway to restructuring our reality into a more positive one. So go lay down or sit in a chair and just be still. Don't think about thinking. Hard to do, isn't it? It's imperative to calm your thoughts, however, because you can not direct them on what you want until you learn to control them. Controlling your thoughts is the first step towards bliss. Why do you think a Buddhist monk would spend so much time meditating if there wasn't a really good prize to come from it? You can learn to focus your thoughts and harness this Attraction by going HERE.
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